PhD Thesis Advisory

Sıdıka Bozkıran Value Chain Analysis in Dry Fig and Chestnut (Cont.)
Gokhan Cinar (Co-advised) Identification of Potential Financial Risk Perceptions of Foreign Trade Companies and Analysis of Impacts on Turkey's Agriculture Trade 2015

Master Thesis Advisory

Firat Aslan Socio-Economic Structure in Rural Areas and Life Satisfaction: Case of Aydin Province 2019
Yetkin Baris Simsek Perceived Service Quality and Satisfaction of Farmers in Agricultural Extension and Consulting 2019
Rabia Okumus Fresh Fruits-Vegetables Marketing and Purchasing Behaviours of Consumers in Aydin Province 2019
Piraye Katipoglu The Importance of Economic, Human and Social Capital in Rural Development in Agriculture 2019
Cansu Ayhan An Application of Conjoint Analysis of Cotton Producers’ Variety Choice: The Case of Aydin Province 2018
Meryem Özkan Measurement of Sustainable Agriculture: The Case of Aydin Province 2018
İbrahim Timurkaynak An Evaluation of Satisfaction of Members in the Beet Growers Cooperatives-Kayseri 2017
Busra Horasan Evaluation by Agriculture Sector of Aydin Province in Terms of Entrepreneurship 2014
Yasemin Demir Econometric Analysis of Households’ Food Consumption Demand in Aydin 2011
Köksal Özdemir Determined Efficiencies and Evaluated Activities of Irrigation Associations in Aydin Province 2009
Gökhan Çınar Determining the Farmers' Willingness to Pay for Agricultural Extension and Consultation Services: The Case of Aydin Province 2009
Alamettin Bayav Adoption Level of the Innovations and Research Findings in Apple Growing Enterprises and Impact Assessments in Isparta Province 2007
Süleyman Nizam Determination of Productivity of Market Oriented Dairy Farms in Aydin 2006
Altug Ozden Determination of Productivity of Crop Enterprises in Aydin Province 2005